The Medit App

How does it work, and why should you use it?

Connect with your customers

The Medit App links the existing barcodes, or product codes, of medical devices to your marketing content using a cloud based software platform.

Medit helps you maintain a connection, and develop relationships, with your customers. Don’t follow the status quo, think outside the box and join us to better serve you audience.

Provide Ongoing education for your customers

Provide ongoing and automated product support to your customers. 

Enjoy effortless integration of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) initiatives, which support ongoing training; whilst maximising your opportunity to ‘upsell’ and ‘cross-sell’ products, and services. 

Medit allows you to achieve all of this without taking up the valuable time and resource of your Medical Representatives.

Support product issues with Unparalleled efficiency

Until now, customers that experience product faults have had to take the initiative to write, call, or email in order to raise issues. 

Our comprehensive dashboard allows customers to report product issues quickly, sent directly to your company.

  • Learn about product faults or issues quickly ensuring you can support resolution effectively
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback about products from customers.
  • Provide troubleshooting advice on common product issues as well as field safety notifications. 
  • Gain insights from customers about how your company might refine or improve your products.

Improved support; improved products; happy customers; higher sales.

Energise your product trials

So you’ve created the opportunity to trial your products. 

Now maximize that opportunity with our pioneering platform, designed to support the objectives of your trial, and the growing needs of your customers. Medit provides the medical staff whom are trialing your product with:

  • Electronic Evaluation Forms
  • Product Videos and Tutorials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Information About Relevant Research

The aim of this is to enrich the customer experience; promoting ease of customer use for the product(s) being trialed, and enabling accurate and detailed customer feedback.

Consolidate & Strengthen Your Business

Within Medical sales; the buyer’s journey has changed. The bar of expectation regarding product support and servicing is set higher. Long gone are the days where companies can rely upon status quo customer loyalties.

Safeguard against the changes occurring within the industry and adopt strategies to strengthen your business and boost your sales.

Marketing Solutions

Present new information to your existing customers, when you want, from where you want. Track the interaction of your content and help inform new campaigns and initiatives to maximize ROI. Branded dashboard to ensure consistency with your other digital and offline marketing tools.

Centralised Content Management

Don’t worry if your customers are getting to see the most up to date materials. Medit allows you to centralise the process and upload the most valuable, and up to date content to ensure consistency. 

Maximise Marketing Content

Track the interactions and monitor the information that is most commonly used by your customers.

Feed this information back to sales to help direct discussions with future customers to maximise the impact of sales conversations.

Simplify the Way Your Customers Interact

Provide the information your customers need to help support the use of your products. Ensure they don’t have to spend time chasing your sales teams allowing them to focus on other opportunities.

Marketing Analytics

Track the interactions your customers make with your content to help inform your future content development and marketing plans.

How much time does your company spend on creating marketing presentations, white papers and other materials? Probably a lot. And how much time and money is spent on distributing this information to prospective clients? No doubt a lot. But how often do you analyze the effectiveness of your shared marketing materials afterwards? Possibly not enough.

Up to 28% of marketing spend is spent on content creation whilst Sirius decisions reports that up to 65% of content is never seen by sales which means it’s never seen by your customers. Ultimately this means that organisations are wasting a large proportion of their marketing budgets.  Identify which content is being viewed by your customers most regularly to help direct marketing activities, and content development, to help increase ROI.