About Us

Who are Medit, why are we here, and what can we do for you and your business

We are Medit

We believe in connections and we believe in educating our customers for long term success. By connecting you to your customers, and helping you to better support their clinical practice, whilst contributing to their development, we believe you will have customers for life.

Our Vision

Our vision was to create a platform for medical suppliers to more effectively engage with their customers and ultimately have the ability to promote, and support the use of, medical products without having to rely on sales representatives alone out in the field.

As a rough estimation, based on industry averages, it costs approximately £100,000 per annum to support a sales representative out in the field! How much of their time is spent on generating new business and how much of that time is spent on supporting existing business? Are you maximizing their time and are we justifying the costs?

Have you really sat back to consider the effectiveness of your team? Have you really sat back and appreciated the changes we’ve seen within the industry, as well as the buyer’s journey as a whole? Access is becoming more difficult, and expectations have increased, yet we continue to sell in the same way.

Could we therefore approach things differently? Could we offer support to customers without needing a sales rep to waste time training? Could we increase our exposure to new accounts more effectively and continually add value to our customers?

At Medit we believe you can…… Upload content, offer training videos and CPD opportunities to staff, as well as promote additional devices and respond to customer issues, all remotely, all in real time, and all linked directly to YOUR products.

Monitor the interactions your customers make with your content to help drive future marketing campaigns and receive feedback on the content that is driving the most engagement.

Ultimately, support and sell better. Join us and improve the way you communicate with your customers.

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